【Refined (Superior) Room】

Tariff NTD3600(55% off on weekdays,and 67% off Holiday  in 2024)
Day use rate: $980 / 3H

Ingeniously designed by the designer, each guest room is provided with its own special features. For example, the simplicity style Japanese bathhouse configured with double Jacuzzi tub built from high-quality stone materials is the first choice for those who enjoy visiting a hot spring. Staying in a private space which covers an area of 66 square meters, one can relieve stress, feel totally relaxed and enjoy love and intimacy in the of Jacuzzi tub while being surrounded by gentle lighting and simple furnishing design in the world of two. To those who prefer SPA service, this is the aspiration for pursing physical, mental and spiritual release.

■VOD movies 
■surround sound system 
■47-inch LCD TV
■LED situational lighting 
■free wireless WIFI 
■exclusive detached garage
■multifunctional Jacuzzi with symphony of light 
■22-inch LCD TV in the shower room
■GRONE separate multifunctional shower bath 
■CO detector