【Classic KTV】

Tariff NTD 10600(40% off on weekdays,and 80% off Holiday  in 2024)
Day use rate: $1680 / 3H
Do you enjoy singing and sitting together while chatting away nineteen to the dozen with everybody? Covering an area of 165 square meters, our Party room allows everyone to indulge their mind, sing without inhibition, and have a simple and romantic moment of total privacy. You do not need to worry about disturbing others, and you can always take a stroll in the garden when you get tired after singing all day. The small garden outside the room is valuable luxury of time in the city under the sun. Would you like to flaunt a little bit of your sports skills? A competition size billiard table is set up in the room. The meetup tournament of “Making friends by playing sports” takes place every day in our motel.
■competition size wooden pool table 
■KTV singing equipment 
■VOD movies  
■surround sound system 
■58-inch LCD TV 
■LED situational lighting
■free wireless WIFI 
■multifunctional Jacuzzi with symphony of lights
■22-inch LCD TV in the shower room 
■GRONE separate multifunctional shower bath
■CO detector 
■exclusive detached garage 
■outdoor private garden