※ Routes

Airport: the motel is 14 kilometers away from Taipei Songshan Airport. It takes about 35 minutes to reach Q.MOTEL. 
The motel is 23 kilometers away from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. It takes about 45 minutes to reach Q.MOTEL. 

By car: all of our guest rooms comprise a bedroom and a garage where you can park your car with ease.
(Northern Second Highway) get off at Tucheng Interchange and turn right on Zhonghua Road 
(National Highway No. 1) connect to Provincial Highway 65 in the direction of Banqiao, Tucheng
(General roadway) Q.MOTEL is close to Banqiao Fuzhou Bridge. One may enter our motel from 70 Lane, Zhonghua Road

Taiwan Railways or Taiwan High Speed Rail: get off at Banqiao Station and transfer to MRT. Get off at Haishan Station and reach the destination.

MRT: Bannan Line – Haishan Station Exit 3. Walk for about 10 minutes and reach the destination (transfer to Airport MRT at the airport). 

Bus: Huorau Village Stop or Yumin Road Intersection (take Da-Yu Bus No. 1962 at the airport) 

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