【About Us】

~Motel Information~
Q.MOTEL is the first boutique motel established in New Taipei City. In order to integrate itself with local characteristics, the motel has schemed out 19 types of thematic styling room based on the design concept of “transmittancy without exposure” that only 37 guest rooms are built on the 5940-square-meter land. Thanks to the existence of its ample and sufficient space, exclusive private gardens are put up to allow every motel guest to not only enjoy sunlight and fresh air but also relive stress of modern life and work. 

~Room Information~
All of the 37 guest rooms comprise a bedroom, a garage, and a Jacuzzi, with an area covering from 25 to 150 square meters. While Villa contains a private swimming pool, barbecue gardening space is set up in our KTV room.