【VIP 666】

Tariff NTD 12000(40% off rent in 2024)
Date use rate: $3500 / 3H

A room that covers an area of nearly 330 square meters allows our guests to not only enjoy the spaciousness and sumptuousness of a presidential suite and the scenery of VILLA with its outdoor garden but also discover the feeling of fancy-free leisure in every breath they take. 

■VOD cinema films 
■surround sound system
■double living room, two televisions 
■65-inch and 50-inch LCD TV 
■LED situational lighting
■Free wireless WIFI 
■ multifunctional Jacuzzi with symphony of lights
■22-inch LCD TV in the shower room 
■GRONE separate multifunctional shower bath
■CO detector 
■exclusive detached garage 
■outdoor private garden