【Luxury foot bath】

Tariff NTD 5900(50% off rent in 2024)
Day use rate: $1280 / 3H

Feeling tired after work but not wanting to go straight home? Covering an area of more than 99 square meters, our luxury KTV room allows you to throw a small party, where you may forget temporarily the troublesome hustle and bustle of the city and put your feet up to your heart’s content together with your buddies and best friends. Private space and exclusive garden that jumps out of the constraint of enclosed space carries a taste of fashion. A small outdoor garden is designed and elaborately built in each room so that you can have heart-to-heart talks with anyone while setting outside for enjoying the freshest air. 

■VOD movies 
■surround sound system
■42- to 55-inch LCD TV
■LED situational lighting 
■ free wireless WIFI
■multifunctional Jacuzzi with symphony of lights 
■22-inch LCD TV in the shower room
■separate multifunctional shower bath 
■CO detector
■exclusive detached garage 
■outdoor private garden